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The Buzzing (A Narrowdale Novella)

Roxanne was expecting a standard babysitting gig, no matter what crazy homeless Edgar tried to tell her. But this is Narrowdale, and nothing’s ever quite normal. When two of the kids she is looking after disappear, things quickly spiral out of control. Now Roxanne’s crawling around in old maintenance tunnels, catching glimpses of creepy happenings […]

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Moth to a Flame (Narrowdale Mystery #2)

I was almost killed by a delusional murderer five months ago. Since then, the recurring nightmares, creepy hallucinations and overpowering fear are gone. That’s good, right? I mean, no one in their right minds wants to feel like that. I am starting to wonder if I’m in my right mind anymore… When a lady in […]

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Sleepless (Narrowdale Mystery #1)

I never wanted to move to Narrowdale. And doing so at the beginning of my freshman year of high school? Ugh, this is going to be the worst year ever. But it turns out that getting used to a new school is the least of my problems. There’s creepy whistling outside my window every night. […]

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