Moth to a Flame Released

Moth to a flame was released last week, to the sound of trumpets which is only in my head. A few days after the release this happened:


Which is fantastic, heart warming and awesome.

Additionally, just before its release, Sleepless was on a blog tour (which means that a lot of blogs reviewed it in a few days). The reviews were overwhelming and tear inducing (good tears! great tears!) Some choice quotes:

“If I could convince all authors of thrillers to write their books like this, life would take a turn for the better.” – C. J. Anaya, Author of the healer series

“Great read! It is pure genius! Scary and funny at the same time. Possible? Yes!” – Daniela Ark

“I just want to scream the word AWESOME! As you can see I really, really enjoyed this YA super creepy writing. The author Michael Omer make no mistake about it definitely will have the YA readers going for this one. Omer delivers with his down to earth writing. The main character is just down right believable and the reader gets the thrill of the lifetime via her point of view. Omer has the qualities of a young Stephen King with the adding of the bit of paranormal too. You just have to get a copy of this one and sit back and read. You will stay glued to the screen or page and forget about that bag of popcorn you were making in the microwave!” – Ogitchida Kwe’s Book Blog

“Guys. I found a new favorite that I need to add to my collection of paranormal/thriller/scary/looking over my shoulder books. It’s probably been a good hour to hour and a half since I have finished the book, and I am still looking over my shoulder and jumping at the littlest sounds. You know how freaked out I am? I went outside to get the mail, and my neighbor was out and she was all like “hey Meredith! Isn’t it a gorgeous day?” and I literally squealed (Yeah, no I won’t deny it), grabbed the mail, and ran back inside. ” – A Book Lover’s Corner

“The tone of Sleepless falls somewhere between Welcome to Nightvale and Higurashi When They Cry…” – Arkham Reviews (And seriously now, why didn’t anyone tell me about “Welcome to Nightvale” before? *Thumps angrily on your table*)

There are several other amazing reviews which I proudly showed to my wife, like a child showing a drawing of a blue cow to his parents (“Look at what I made!”) But this is becoming embarrassingly self loving, so if you want the full list of reviews (And since you’re probably not my Mom, you won’t) – it’s here

So it’s an exciting month for me, all in all. This is all breathtakingly amazing

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