Almost there…

Wow! Would you look at this fancy site! Why, I could take my kids to play in it, it’s so fancy and nice.

I have been struggling today to make it so fancy. I’ve been down in the terrible pits of despair and angst, like every time I do “web stuff”. You’d think, seeing as I made a web RPG game, and since I am a veteran programmer I could do this with my eyes closed, right?

Yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing. I’m not good with all this “internet thing” the kids play with these days. But I’m not afraid of a challenge (absolutely terrified) I am up for the task (wet my pants three times today), and it’s done!

Michael, some of you may ask, what the hell is going on? Where’s that book you promised? Why are you messing with your website template instead of publishing your book? Is there a book? Or are you just messing with us?

There’s a book. It’s on my Kindle, and my wife’s Kindle, and we’re both proof-reading it.

Also, Amy, the protagonist, has a blog, and there are links to the blog within the book! But apparently when someone looks at the blog with an iPhone or iPad, it looks as if a beast from the depth of hell rose and said “Lo and behold mankind, I shall create a blog”.

So that has to be fixed.

But tomorrow! or maybe the day after. Or worse case scenario next week.

We’re getting there, I swear.

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