Onward and Upward!

So up until now, my next immediate step was in a gray area. Would Sleepless be published with Kindle Scout? Will it be me? When, why and how?

Now I can answer the questions to myself and to anyone who’s interested:

Q: Will Sleepless ever be published?

A: Of course, silly questioning person. It’ll be published in the next two months. Initially, I will probably only publish it on amazon.

Q: Why two months? Isn’t it ready? You said it’s ready!

A: Calm down, crazy questioning person. It’s ready… but there are some small points to tie up:

  1. Sleepless has links within it to the blog of the protagonist. Those links actually work… except they don’t. I still need to create the blog. The content is all there. It’s all a matter of some design, domain acquisition and hosting
  2. I don’t have a website yet, but I want to have one when Sleepless is published, so that I can redirect people from within the ending of the book to my website, so that they can register to my mailing list. So that has to happen too.
  3. There’s some virtual paperwork to handle before I can publish my book. Tax… stuff. Some people are afraid of spiders, some of heights, some of clowns. I’m afraid of bureaucracy. But I’ll get it done.

Q: Are you crying at night because you wanted to be published by Kindle Scout?

A: You’re an annoying imaginary questioning person. I don’t cry at night, I do my crying during the day. And not over this. This will probably be for the best, and is really no biggie.

Q: What is the meaning of…

A: And that’s all for my Q&A between me and myself.

Q: Awww.

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