Oh Well…

So… No kindle scout for me. Not for Sleepless, anyway.

Disappointed?  A bit. Not dramatically. I’ve written five books before Sleepless. I’ve received 6-9 rejection letters for each of them (three were published). I’m used to rejection letters. The only thing different in this one is the e-mail I got straight afterwards:

Dear Michael Omer,

We wanted to let you know that your Kindle Scout nomination, “Sleepless”, was not selected for publication. The author, Michael Omer, wanted to make sure you received this thank you message:

“Thank you, this means a lot to me…

This is, of course, the e-mail that all people who nominated my book receive. I nominated my own book (Not because I’m biased. I read the first 5000 words, and I thought it was awesome), so I received the same e-mail.

This is a decent thing. Kindle Scout lets an author send the people who nominated him to his blog or website, where he can update them regarding the book. However, since all my family and friends nominated my book, this is also a bit like publicly slipping on a banana peel.

So, to reassure everyone: I am not incredibly upset. I wasn’t sure at all that this was the right thing for my book, and now the decision, for better or worse was made for me. The book will be published, hopefully in the next two months, and it will all be awesome.

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