This month I’ve rebranded my covers. Here’s the thing. I love my old covers. You should love my old covers as well. You should have posters of them in your bedroom. You can check them out in my previous posts, they’re fantastic. I’ve had at least 3 different reviewers gush about them, and several people who told me they bought the books because of them.

They also kinda confused my target audience.

They don’t really merge well with the rest of the YA thriller covers out there, which meant that a potential reader who loves YA thrillers would very probably skip them, thinking they weren’t for him. I had several readers tell me that they finally read the book despite the covers. I asked around. It turned out that a lot of my target audience didn’t really connect with my old covers.

I’m an author, but I’m also a businessman (of sorts). It was time to listen to my client base.

Happily, I also love my new covers. They were created by the talented mind behind Dark Moon Graphics, who also did the cover for “The Buzzing.”

Here they are. They are wonderful. You should have posters of them in your bedroom.




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