Giveaway and… Second phase for sequel

Two exciting things are happening this week (Pertaining to me. I’m sure there are other exciting things that are happening as well):

1. Goodreads Giveaway – I’m giving away a paperback copy of my book in Goodreads. You can check it out at: Check it out. Seriously. I’m not at all repeatedly refreshing the Goodreads tab in my explorer to check out how many people requested the book. It may or may not be 128 people right now.

It is. It’s 128 people.

2. Starting working on the second phase of the sequel to Sleepless tomorrow – Like a Moth to the Flame.

A small clarification about that – the first draft of the sequel is already written, but I need to create a brand new second draft for… reasons. I hope to be finished with it by the end of April, so that It can be published by June. This gives me 3 months – 13 weeks. The book is about 60,000 words so I need to write 5,000 words every week. That’s notching up my word-rate, but that’s fine since the first draft is ready.

Other interesting stuff, do you ask? My baby son can roll on his stomach, my daughter dressed me this morning, and my eldest son just turned seven.

Next time don’t ask.

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