It’s Alive!!!!

Oh Yeah. I’m the proud owner of a book in Amazon. For all you strange people who have never published a book before, I really recommend the experience. I’ve done it four times already, and it never gets old.

There’s a certain “I can conquer the world” feeling when placing a book on Amazon. After all, there is no specific reason why it won’t sell Millions of copies, right? There are probably at least a million people who’ve heard about Amazon by now. If you know someone who hasn’t heard about Amazon, tell him about it. It’s a really neat little business, and they could really use our help.

Ha ha, I’m kidding. It’s not that little.

Anyway, you can get my book now, so do it now if you haven’t already, I’m waiting. Enjoy!


8 comments on “It’s Alive!!!!

  1. AvatarDaniela Ark

    I’m reading it now and I like it! 🙂
    Great job with Amy’s voice, Michael!. I feel I’m in a real teenager’s head. Such an authentic character! She is nice and funny but also self-conscious, a little bit of a brat, a little selfish and obnoxious… just as real teenagers are! I’m very impressed because writing from the opposite gender and different age POV is not easy.
    Loooove the idea of the blog 🙂 very original!

  2. AvatarDaniela Ark

    Funny last night (late! this book is keeping me up late!) I was thinking I could see the male writer influence in the way Amy approaches problems, which is good in many cases, especially giving the eerie-kind-of-creepy things she is facing.

    I’m 50% through now. Can’t wait to go back to it tonight 🙂

    Sleepless may end up in my “XX Factor” page because of is strong female character 🙂

    (btw… love the way the suspense is build up too! )

    • Avatarmichaelomer Post author

      Awesome 🙂
      I’m happy you get the feeling of Amy as a strong character. I definitely aim to write her like that, but she’s also a fourteen year old girl, who’s facing great difficulties, and she has her moments of weakness…


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