Month: January 2015

Giveaway and… Second phase for sequel

Two exciting things are happening this week (Pertaining to me. I’m sure there are other exciting things that are happening as well): 1. Goodreads Giveaway – I’m giving away a paperback copy of my book in Goodreads. You can check it out at: Check it out. Seriously. I’m not at all repeatedly refreshing the Goodreads […]

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It’s Alive!!!!

Oh Yeah. I’m the proud owner of a book in Amazon. For all you strange people who have never published a book before, I really recommend the experience. I’ve done it four times already, and it never gets old. There’s a certain “I can conquer the world” feeling when placing a book on Amazon. After […]

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Almost there…

Wow! Would you look at this fancy site! Why, I could take my kids to play in it, it’s so fancy and nice. I have been struggling today to make it so fancy. I’ve been down in the terrible pits of despair and angst, like every time I do “web stuff”. You’d think, seeing as […]

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