My New Site!

I have a new site! It is and it is awesome.

I’ve spent the morning fiddling with things like Mail Chimp and Google Analytics. I’ve transported my entire blog (all 13 posts!) to this new, fancy site.

Fancy is a strong word. It’s quite… bare. The IRS has a more colorful, happy site than mine. But no worries! This is a temporary thing. This is simply due to the fact that I don’t know how to design, and if there’s one things I’m sure of, is that the color white is… fine, I guess?

But, I have some really talented friends and family members who, once they see my pathetic bare site, will (after shuddering at my lack of artistic sense) probably help me make it better. Hear that talented family members and friends?

You know who you are.

One last thing. See that fancy widget in the corner? See it?

If you don’t, it looks like this:

newsletter widget

This is a widget to my newsletter. Lets say you are now thinking How am I to know about Michael’s newly published books or awesome discounts? I don’t want to read his blog every day. I hate blogs. Well, here’s how. Simply subscribe to my newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time, and each time someone subscribes, a faerie is born.

But when someone says “Meh, I’ll just subscribe later”, a faerie dies!!!

So subscribe. For faeries.

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