I’ve been told that as a writer, I should have some goals.

When I say told, I mean I read it in some blogs. So the person who gave me that wonderful advice is not necessarily aware of my existence. But he told me to have some goals, and have goals I shall.

So, my big goal for this year (and by this year I mean until the end of December 2015, because I started all this serious writing business on October, so I’m stealing a couple of months from 2014. Do not report on me to the time police) is to publish three books:

  1. Sleepless – Which is already written aside from some blog entries within the book, and is waiting for the Kindle Scout verdict (14 days to go)
  2. My point of view (temporary name) – My sci-fi thriller which I began writing last week, and am having a blast with
  3. Moth to a Flame – The sequel to Sleepless, which has a pretty good draft already written, but needs to be rewritten from scratch because of reasons.
To accomplish this large goal, I set a weekly word count goal of… 4000 words.
Yeah, I know. This might be a small number. Not for me, okay? I don’t write so fast, I have three children and (Insert any excuse that sounds plausible here). 4000 words. I might make it larger but listen:
My point of view is intended to be a 50,000 word novel. This means I can write the first draft in two and a half months.
Moth to a flame is also about 50,000 words (perhaps a bit longer), so let’s say three months.
And I still have a month and a week I stole from 2014. Muhahahaha.
So it’s doable, and I’m not lazy. This is the current number of words that I can really write per week. This is not Nanowrimo. I plan to write for years to come. I can’t do it in an insane sprint. I have to pace myself.
There we go. Some goals. We’ll see how it goes.

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