Kindle Scout

My book is up on Kindle Scout!

It’s awesome, no doubt about it. I emitted a very unmanly shriek of glee this morning when I got the e-mail, really let out the twelve year old girl in me. There’s a link, people are nominating my book (I know that because I am standing over their shoulder, grinning madly as they do it, their fingers shaking in fear).

So first of all, if you feel like having a look, you can see the book’s page at: and of course, if you nominate it, I’ll be ever so grateful.

Since it won’t be there forever, here’s a picture for prosperity:

(That’s it there on the bottom right corner)

First impressions from Kindle Scout? It’s a bit weird.

We live in the age of feedback, when the motto is pretty much “I’ve been re-tweeted, therefore I am”. However, Kindle Scout doesn’t tell me if anyone nominated my book, it won’t tell me how many people watched it, or shared it or anything. I can only pray that enough people nominate it… and that’s about it.

It’s a bit liberating, actually. I can go to sleep knowing that I won’t check the statistics of the site obsessively for the next 30 days. It either succeeds or it doesn’t.

It’s fun either way.

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