In Narrowdale… Or Eerie Indiana?

When I was a child, there was a TV series I loved, called Eerie Indiana. It was about a kid who moved into a town (called Eerie. In Indiana. Duh), in which strange things constantly happened. The theme song, which echoed in my head for years afterwards showed Elvis, Bigfoot and a… dog jumping in circles. Which is less weird, but whatever.

Ah, wonderful technology, you can see it for yourself:

It’s weird, the TV series that brand themselves in your brain. All in all, I think I saw four or five episodes, as I was constantly forgetting to turn on the TV when it ran. But I grew up thinking it was the best TV show ever created. As it turned out, it was cancelled after one season, joining freaks and geeks in the club of the series that were cancelled because someone was very very stupid.

I decided I want to write a book with a town like Eerie Indiana… Except a bit darker. Eerie Indiana was aimed for children, and focused on being funny. I wanted to write for teens, and wanted to focus on being a funny thriller (That’s a real book category. Funny thrillers. They’re all the rage).

In came Narrowdale, a boring, suburban town in which nothing seems to happen, but where dark secrets are buried deep. The local kids have a game called “In Narrowdale.” in which each one takes his turn to state something that happens only in Narrowdale. There’s a moment in the book where Amy, the protagonist is told about this games. Obviously, she asks:

“And who wins?”

“No one. We all live in Narrowdale. We all lose.”

For example “Only in Narrowdale there’s a small truck which drives around every night, leaving half a dozen eggs by each drain. By morning, all the eggs disappear.”

Or: “Only in Narrowdale, there’s a tree that has no shadow”

The funny thing is, people who read the book constantly tells me “Wow, this town is like Twin Peaks.”

No one says it’s like Eerie.

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