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The Narrowdale series follows Amy, a fourteen year old girl as she stumbles into the weird town of Narrowdale...


Sleepless (Narrowdale #1)

Amy knew she’d hate Narrowdale, a boring suburban town. How could it possibly compare to L.A., where she lived her entire life? Being a high school freshman in a new place made things even worse. And that was before she started having the same nightmare over and over again. Before she woke up every night to […]

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Spring Giveaway

Aaah, Spring. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the hay fever never ending sneezefest is happening, what more could a guy ask for? A nose removal surgery, that’s what. So between sneezing and more sneezing, I’ve joined a huge spring giveaway. You can win one of three paperback copies of Sleepless, or one […]

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The work-in-progress blog tour: Moth to a Flame

Bar hopping is so 2014. Blog hopping – that’s what the cool kids are doing these days. Or so I keep telling myself. I can’t go bar hopping, My youngest son turns into a ferocious screaming monster if he wakes up and finds us gone (This was actually tested last week. My Mom who babysat […]

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Sunless Sea

So, lately I have been playing a game called Sunless Sea. Just to make sure there aren’t any fans out there pulling their hair out – I’m working diligently on the sequel to Sleepless… But when I put the little ones to sleep in the evening my brain melts into porridge (When ice melts, you get […]

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My name is Michael Omer, and I’m a writer, journalist and game designer. I wrote and published my first novel when I was sixteen, and figured I’d keep at it. Since then, I have published two more novels, and wrote… who can even count how many? I’m happily married to a woman who keeps pushing me to write more, and have three kids who insist I should stop writing and come play with them. I also have two dogs.

Let's not talk about the fish. I really need to do something about that fish.