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The Narrowdale series follows Amy, a fourteen year old girl as she stumbles into the weird town of Narrowdale...


Moth to a Flame (Narrowdale Mystery #2)

I was almost killed by a delusional murderer five months ago. Since then, the recurring nightmares, creepy hallucinations and overpowering fear are gone. That’s good, right? I mean, no one in their right minds wants to feel like that. I am starting to wonder if I’m in my right mind anymore… When a lady in […]

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Sleepless (Narrowdale Mystery #1)

I never wanted to move to Narrowdale. And doing so at the beginning of my freshman year of high school? Ugh, this is going to be the worst year ever. But it turns out that getting used to a new school is the least of my problems. There’s creepy whistling outside my window every night. […]

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(Where you can find the latest drivel I thought of)


Moth to a Flame Released

Moth to a flame was released last week, to the sound of trumpets which is only in my head. A few days after the release this happened: Which is fantastic, heart warming and awesome. Additionally, just before its release, Sleepless was on a blog tour (which means that a lot of blogs reviewed it in […]

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Release Date and Cover!

This weekend I got an e-mail from my friend, Shahar Kober, regarding the cover of Moth to a Flame. It went something like this: “I began working on something, and I was just about to add the town, when suddenly I thought it’s cool as it is. What do you think?” My reply: “Yes… and […]

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YA Spring Fling no text med

Spring Giveaway

Aaah, Spring. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the hay fever never ending sneezefest is happening, what more could a guy ask for? A nose removal surgery, that’s what. So between sneezing and more sneezing, I’ve joined a huge spring giveaway. You can win one of three paperback copies of Sleepless, or one […]

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About the Author

My name is Michael Omer, and I’m a writer, journalist and game designer. I wrote and published my first novel when I was sixteen, and figured I’d keep at it. Since then, I have published two more novels, and wrote… who can even count how many? I’m happily married to a woman who keeps pushing me to write more, and have three kids who insist I should stop writing and come play with them. I also have two dogs.

Let's not talk about the fish. I really need to do something about that fish.